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Chestnut Fencing & Posts

Chestnut Fencing

It is a hand produced product which is aesthetically pleasing and provides a strong durable fence for so many uses. The prepared chestnut is split by hand into pales of various lengths. The pales are then wired by machine into rolls of fences of various heights ranging from 0.6m to 1.8m high and from 3-5cm spacing to 15cm according to use.

We can manufacture in 10yrd/9.1m rolls, 5yrd/4.6m rolls and 5 and 10m rolls With either 2 line wires or 3 line wires.


Intermediate, mixed, rounds, halves and quarters, rustic or shaved and pointed. We supply various heights and diameters of all these products.

Tree Planters come in bundles of 25 from 0.6m to 1.4m according to usage, also suitable for hedge laying.


  1. Permanent fencing for public and private areas
  2. Temporary fencing for construction and highways work and site security
  3. Snow fencing and wind breaks
  4. Prevention of soil and beach erosion
  5. Stock fencing
  6. Posts to accompany chestnut fencing
  7. Tree planting
  8. Hedge Laying

All our Chestnut Products conforms to BS1722 part 4. We also have FSC® Mix Credit certification
(details available on request).

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